Many houses or situations are not good candidates for listing and selling through a real estate agent. Any one of these might apply to your property:


  • Expensive repairs needed
  • Foreclosure
  • Moving
  • Debt
  • House is “trashed” or very outdated
  • Retirement
  • Probate
  • Divorce
  • Inheritance
  • Tired Landlord
  • Out of region landlord
  • Need for fast cash

We can offer you a price soon after we inspect your property (usually this takes only an hour or so).  We can then get your cash out in as little as two weeks.


If you need to sell your house now, you can go right to a buyer, us. We may even be able to offer a comparable market rate on your property.


Please CONTACT us now.


There are many options in the terms that you can sell your home.  We can offer “Seller-financed” options that are safe and secure for you, are easy to set up, and provide you with a long-term income stream without the costs of a full sale and capital gains taxes.


If your situation or time is flexible, it may well be that a conventional listing by a realtor will be better for you.  If so, we will tell you, and can recommend a good local real estate agent or two.


That said, the listing and selling on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) by a realtor has many unknowns.   Your house may take months to sell, it may need expensive repairs, your buyer may back out of an agreement to buy.  Also, you will have closing costs and you will incur at least 6% in realtor fees.


Our offer will be straightforward and without hidden fees.  The cost to close and finance will be on us.


This is safe for you because a professional closing service associated with a well established legal firm will handle the details. We want this to be a Win-Win for both you the seller, and us, the buyer.


Please let us know your situation and we can explain our home purchase service with you.

If so please contact us here. We’ll meet with you at your property, do about an hour walkthrough, then make an offer.